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205bh - Precision boring head
Special offer of 205bh - Precision boring head
Special offer of 205bh - Precision boring head

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Product description 205bh - Precision boring head


205bh - legend

205bh - legend

1 - body

2 - slide

5 - worm with scale

18 - locking bolt

19 - locking bolt of boring tool

VK - exchangeable taper shank VK MSK AD34

MSK – Modular clamping system

  • Guarantee accurate clamping

  • Modularity advantage for different types of clamping (ISO 40 and ISO 50 according to DIN 69871 or DIN 2080, CAT 40, CAT 50, MAS-BT 40, MAS-BT 50)

Basic operations

  • Accurate hole boring with accuracy of IT6 up to IT5.


205bh – Precision boring head designed especially for boring of accurate holes on CNC machines for maximal 6.000 RPM. Precision boring head 205bh works in range of Ø 6-100 mm. The smallest diameter depends on the type of boring tool. With head 205bh you can achieve boring hole accuracy of IT6. Head can be used on conventional machine tools.

Precision boring heads 205bh are delivered with two types of boring tools – standardly for exchangeable inserts type ISO TPGT080202 or on customers requirements for inserts type WOHLHAUPTER TOGT--02EL31.

By extension can be total length of boring head prolonged for 50, 100 or 150 mm.

The body is embedded by taper shank with endlong hole for coolant feeding to cutting edge. At the bottom of the body is crossways embedded slide (2). Slide has hole of Ø16H7 for clamping boring tools and holders. Slide has endlong knurling and two holes with thread M6 for clamping boring tool type M and N. Slide position against the body is adjusted by locking bolt (18).Worm with scale (5) is designed for dimension adjusting. By its rotation is slide feeded by the length of 0,00125 resp. diameter of boring hole will be extended for 0,0025 mm.




General Dealers Czech Republic


  • M & V, spol. s r.o. (Vsetín)

4. května 288, CZ-755 01 Vsetín

tel:  420-571 484 817

fax: 420-571 413 126

  • TTI, s.r.o. (Brno)

Údolní 40, CZ-602 00 Brno

tel: 420-543 216 868

fax: 420-543 249 300

  • Stim Tools, a.s. (Brno)

Bratislavská 49, CZ-602 00 Brno

tel: 420-545 212 092

fax: 420-545 211 163

  • HOFMEISTER s.r.o. (Plzeň)

Mezi ploty 12, CZ-326 00 Plzeň

tel: 420-377 242 058

fax: 420-377 243 161

  • BOS HK a.s. (Teplice)

Přítkovská 152, CZ-417 12 Teplice-Proboštov

tel:  420-417 560 721

fax: 420-417 560 385

  • HANÁK NÁŘADÍ, s.r.o.

Osvobození 129, CZ-763 16 Fryšták

tel: 420-577 110 711

fax: 420-577 110 733


  • NTV - Naradie, s.r.o.

Farská 86/2

SK-019 01 Ilava

phone: 421-424 466 316

fax: 421-424 464 279

  • M&V, Slovakia spol. s r.o.

Vsetínská cesta 1487-9

SK-020 01 Púchov

phone: 421-424 634 548

fax: 421-424 634 549


Sumracná 27

SK- 821 02 Bratislava

phone: 421-243 338 080

fax: 421-243 335 501


Horská 1311/2

SK-958 06 Partizanské

phone: 421-387 491 373

fax: 421-387 491 373


Manuals for boring heads - to download in PDF


205bh - Precision boring head

Řezná destička TPGT - ISO

Řezná destička TOGT - WOHLHAUPTER

Cutting tip TPGT - ISO





Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • With which accuracy is possible to bore with heads NAREX?

Mainly with an accuracy of IT7 and higher, only boring head 205 with an accuracy of IT6 up to IT5.

  • What the smallest slot is possible to bore by heads?

Minimum diameter of boring slot is around 6mm. For smaller diameters firm NAREX MTE does not deliver tools. We can say that the minimum diameter depends on tool not on the head. Head is restricted by revolutions and this way is restricted cutting speed on the tool.

  • What heads can be used in automatic cycle on NC and CNC machines?

All except universal boring heads Vhu which need direct staff. There are operation during buttoned shog on Vhu. All other operations - boring can be realized on NC and CNC machines.

  • Are given maximum revolutions for boring heads 205bh NAREX?

6.000 RPM by boring head ABH 100 and 205-boring head (205bh)

  • What is difference between boring head and universal boring head Vhu?

Boring head is designed only for boring of cylindrical slots. Universal boring head is for operations which need cross tool movement during head turning. This makes possible spotface slots faces and bore taper slots.

  • How deep can be slots bored?

Usually to the deepness according to heads accessories. There are bars, holders and boring tools. Their length you find in relevant catalogue or here (Basic operations with Precision boring head 205bh).

  • Is it possible to use boring heads on usual table drills or stand drills?

Boring head needs spindle machine rigidity, table rigidity and clamping of the part. Furthermore needs machine feed with possibility of its switch-off in needed place. If the rigidity is insufficient the boring result is not reliable.

  • Is there assured coolant supply to the insert in Precision boring head 205bh?

By boring tools type C,D and E it is assured. By usage of tool units type K and L is coolant supply assured by holders F and G. Tool units type M and N haven't any coolant supply to the insert. For coolant supply can be used through flow in the bottom part of head 205bh.

  • Is possible to use insert from other producer for boring tools in 205bh?

If you have boring tools type WOHLHAUPTER, then must be used only inserts from WOHLHAUPTER, the reason is special form (inserts are delivered by NAREX MTE Ltd). If you have boring tools type ISO TPGT080202 (standard accessories of 205bh), then you can order inserts from whatever producer up to this ISO norm.


Product repairing



NAREX MTE standardly provides repairs of produced and delivered products. There are guarantee repairs or normal non guarantee repairs. During repair is product dismounted, there are found defective parts and up to it is determined range and price of repair. After customer´s repair price confirmation are defected parts exchanged, product is again mounted and tested.

Repair speeding

For repair speeding and lower price is suitable to enclose to repair order letter with information about problems (during which conditions defects occurs or indicate required range of repair).

Repair ordering

For repair ordering you should send product for repair, order of repair and specifications of defects on our address:


sales department

Moskevska 659/63

CZ-101 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

Information about repair

About repair you will be informed by e-mail or by phone, with any questions you can contact export department on phone: +420 246 002 249, e-mail:, fax: + 420 246 002 335


NAREX MTE s.r.o.

Moskevska 659/63

CZ-101 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic




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  Technical support is at the disposal of you on phone +420 246 002 249 or you can contact us by e-mail: or by fax: +420 246 002 335.


Basic technical information you can find also on reference service.


NAREX MTE s.r.o.

Moskevska 659/63

CZ-101 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic




+420-246 002 321

+420-246 002 249

+420-246 002 335

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  Catalogue of boring tools - Download (PDF)
  • Catalogue of boring tools (PDF)






  Vhu - Universal boring and facing head - Catalogue (PDF)
  • Universal boring and facing head (PDF)






  205bh - Precision boring head - Catalogue (PDF)
  • Precision boring head 205bh (PDF)



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  • Display of products lines (quick reference)

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